Dedicated Transportation

Dedicated transport Florence, removals for students and tourists in Florence and in Tuscany

Safe pickup, storage and shipping

CARATELLO SRL for small removals

The house-moving service makes it possible to move a number of particularly large, heavy and bulky, often fragile, items from one place to another.

  • Pianos, furniture and room furnishings;
  • Statues, photocopiers, vending machines, archives, air compressors, air conditioners, household appliances and elevator motors.  

CARATELLO SRL has developed a dedicated department for small removals, that is, the safe moving of furniture and furnishings from one room to another destination.

Without mounting bulky machinery

Specialized in carrying bulky objects

CARATELLO SRL can handle heavy loads on ladders and inclined planes, in total safety for the goods and the environment.

The company carries out small removals with its own vehicles, moving heavy and bulky loads by means of special equipment, and using the best national and international couriers.

Dedicated transport Florence

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CARATELLO SRL has a skilled staff specialized for years in shipping services aimed at the consumer and particularly the student and tourist in Tuscany.