Caratello is also equipped to ship your personal effects or acquisitions you made during your travels; shipping suitcases directly or by shipping in our own packaging. We utilize the best national and international shipping companies with the fastest service and best track record.
National shipping Italy

We handle your merchandise with the utmost of care, and we can advise you on best shipping options available to you.

Caratello also specializes in shipping fragile and delicate objects, in need of special care and handling during the packaging process. We constantly monitor these objects from the pick up to delivery.
Caratello also offers storage and stocking services for private individuals and companies, for shipping and receiving. In addition, we are equipped to ship via pallets from our Prato offices.

Our Florence location was created to offer the best and most secure service to both local Italians or foreign visitors to the city, who wish to ship home any acquisitions they made here from Florence. Trust Caratello to package all of your personal objects, or acquire the materials you need to package everything yourself. Caratello can make available:
  • Shipping boxes of various dimensions.
  • Packaging tape of any type.
  • Styrofoam fill.
  • Styrofoam packaging specifically designed for various types of bottles.
  • Foam casing for temperature sensitive shipments.
  • Wooden boxes for more complex shipments (artwork, musical instruments etc.).
  • Packaging materials for shipping ceramics.
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