Hight quality services:
Packaging materials  Florence


We guarantee wine shipments in Italy, Europe, EXTRACEE countries and Pat for private customers and companies, with weekly flights and tracking service.
The packaging is in certified polystyrene wine racks. No limit for alcohol grade and/or quantity.
Packaging materials  Florence


We ship everywhere luggage, private effects and sport equipment; we work with the main express couriers.
Storage service and certified packaging are guaranteed and also pick-up and delivery in hotel and private houses.
Packaging materials  Florence


We are specialised in packaging for ceramics, artworks and antiques with pick up at home.
The customs practies, the fine arts procedures and the insurance coverage are guaranteed. Personal preventive.
Packaging materials  Florence


We ship daily, everywhere, pallet with a national and international triangulation service.
Tracking and proof of delivery service are guaranteed.
Packaging materials  Florence


We offer goods storage with a flexible rental contract.
Video surveillance system.
Packaging materials  Florence


We sell all products for the packaging.
Packaging materials  Florence


Holding service for correspondence and parcels
Maximum confidentiality and efficiency.
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