Caratello specializes in worldwide shipping of diverse food products. We’re Tuscany’s leading expediting company and have particularly high experience in worldwide shipping of wine and olive oil.
National shipping Italy

We ship wine bottles to the United States and many other parts of the world to both private individuals and businesses. Our costs include: packaging in certified Styrofoam, and 3-ply shipping cardboard, all of the documentation needed for leaving Italy and the documents needed to clear the point-of-entry customs, and in addition we offer tracking to provide reliable service.

Our wine shipments are cared for by specialized personnel from the moment we receive them up until they reach their final destination.
We utilize Styrofoam packaging that are specifically designed for the wine bottles. We have found the Styrofoam not only guarantees an absence of breakage, but we find it also maintains much better and consistent temperatures for shipping the wines.
Wine shipments to the United States depart weekly via air transport. The average time for shipments to arrive at their destination is between 5-10 working days (barring any delays in customs).
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