Luggage Storage and Shipping

Luggage store Florence, Italy, luggage delivery service for students and tourists, Florence, Tuscany

For long-term out-of-towners

Warehouse and cargo transportation in Florence and Prato

CARATELLO SRL provides goods storage and shipping services for privates, tourists, students and out-of-towners who need space during their stay in Tuscany.

We can pick up, store and ship any kind of goods to the specified destination in the region,in Italy and abroad.

Luggage store Florence

This highly professional service will help:

Those who are away from home for a long period of time for study or work purposes

Those who have a planned itinerary in Italy and do not want to limit themselves in their purchases at each stop

Those who are looking for a trusted hub to ship and receive their packages


We take care of your packages until you arrive

CARATELLO SRL is specialized in domestic and international shipments for valuables and small removals and provides Prato’s large warehouse as a secure storage facility for goods.

Travel without encumbrances

On-site and dedicated pickup

CARATELLO SRL picks up goods at your doorstep so that tourists can travel comfortably, without encumbrances, find packages directly at their destination, whether it is home or the next leg of their journey.

Ideal for shipping heavy luggage, furniture and bulky equipment

Customized certified packaging

Packaging suitable for storage and shipment

CARATELLO SRL provides customized quality packaging for domestic and international shipments either on their own or through our logistics service.

Every-day support staff available at every stage of the shipping

Quality shipping to Italy and around the world

Customized shipping and delivery service

CARATELLO SRL takes care of every aspect related to the transportation of luggage, personal effects, sports equipment and furniture, working with the best express couriers in the World.

The company is a point of reference in Florence for individuals and stores that carry out national and international shipments

Reserved and guarded warehouse

Warehouse and storage

We also have temperature-safe rooms available for artwork!
In our Prato warehouse, we have all the space needed for warehousing and storage of goods.

Both small and large quantities

For a few days as well as for many months

Whatever the size or value