Caratello Shipping antiques from Italy, Florence, Tuscany

Shipping antiques Italy

Secure shipping of fragile and valuable goods

CARATELLO SRL works with any antique store in Tuscany for domestic and international shipping of antiques.

Prompt advice for antique stores

Always available to provide shipping informations to the antique store

Often the dealer, in order to close the deal with the tourist interested in his product, needs immediate advice and a quick estimate about picking up, packing, and shipping the item.

Only by this way the buyer will be able to exactly understand the full amount to pay for buying his favourite antiques in Tuscany.

Customized shipping quotes for the antique item

Like a work of art, antiques require specific care when shipping to Italy and abroad.

CARATELLO SRL’s prompt estimate for the antique store will be based on the material and size of the antique to be shipped.

Tracking issued to consignee and consignor, store and tourist

Relying on CARATELLO SRL to ship antiques provides safe and personalized delivery to USA, to Europe.

Our domestic and international shipping company provides more assurances than a simple courier company because it activates insurance policies tailored to the customer, depending on the item they purchase.

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The staff of CARATELLO SRL has been specializing for years in shipping services aimed at the consumer and particularly the student and tourist in Tuscany.